Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Missouri Governor Names Ommen Head of Insurance Department

Missouri Governor Names Ommen Head of Insurance Department.

Senior Mgrs needed for Financial Services/Insurance Technology ...

Our Global Advisory client assesses their client's current technology needs and assists with systems design and implementations to improve both enterprise-wide integration and profitability.

Insurance Agents vs. Buying Insurance Online

Why use an insurance agent when you can buy insurance online? Now I am a licensed insurance agent in Texas, but I also maintain websites where consumers can make purchases online.

Insurance Term: Peril

In Insurance the term "peril" is: The cause of an injury, The reason something is damaged or destroyed, The way something was lost or is no longer in your possession.

Willis Buys Carter Insurance Group in Tampa

Willis Group Holdings Limited announced Monday that it has purchased the assets of Carter Insurance Group in Tampa, Fla.

2007 Student Insurance Plans

The new school year in 2007 is right upon us, and what better time to make sure you have one of the best student health insurance plans around with the Student Secure Health Insurance plan.

Fortis launches life insurance in Russia

Fortis today announced that it has launched a new life insurance company - Fortis Life Insurance - in Russia. Fortis Life Insurance will focus primarily on three core products. These are Education .. - Read more.

Congress Passes Mortgage Insurance Deductibility L...

Congress Passes Mortgage Insurance Deductibility Law. -from NAR Newsletter dated December 22, 2006. On December 9th, the United States Congress passed the Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006.

Adding A Teen Driver To Your Insurance Policy? 5 Ways To Keep ...

In our two-part series addressing teen drivers, last month we focused on safety tips for parents of teen drivers (as well as for teen drivers themselves).

Owner's Title Insurance.95% Buy It, 10% Know Why!

(This is a Virginia specific posting, disregard for other states) Update: An Atlanta Realtor did research and found that the number of cases of Total Loss in Georgia was less likely than getting struck by lightening!